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We understand a website is an image of your business brand!

Web Design
Web Development
Booking Web

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App Development

Professional & Private Mobile Apps
E-commerce Mobile Apps
Payment Gateway
Online Booking System Apps



We assist you to save time and earn more money with our amazing IT staffing solutions.

Software Engineers
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“Japan Needs Indo-IT Serves!”


Business Talk

Indo-IT is on mission to support all Indo-Japan medium and small size Businesses. We are open to quote FREE whenever you need it .

Basic Plan
Web + CMS


The Perfect Basic Plan for any big or small personal projects.

  • CMS Wordpress, Logo, SEO, Integrating Plugins, SNS & Manage Web yourself
  • IST 10am-8pm technical supprt
  • Payment 30% block payment required.
Business Plan
Corporate Plan


The Perfect sized plan for small businesses to get started.

  • Basic Plan+ upto 20 pages & Contact form, News & Event Module
  • IST 10am-8pm technical supprt
  • Payment 30% block payment required.
Custome Plan

$25 /HOUR

Project for minimum 15 hours of block payment required.

  • Projects on CMS, Wordpress, php, html, ECC site, Translation & Consulting
  • IST 10am-8pm technical supprt
  • Payment 60% block payment required.

Why us..

With our professional English & Japanese Speaker (英語・日本語対応) we create a trust and cheerful relationship with client. .

Support_ We’re always here for you no matter what time of day.

E-commerce_ We automatically handle all sales analytics.

Turnaround_ Our data analysis is distributed, so it processes in seconds.

Rich calculations_ high creativity, Cost Effectiveness, Reliable, Transparent, on time.

Mobile apps_ iOS and Android apps available for monitoring.

Contact connections_ Email or phone in both English & 日本語.